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Best Laptops From Top Brands In Dubai

When you decide to buy a laptop, certain questions need to be considered. Finding a cheap laptop in bur dubai according to your expectations is really a daunting task as there are several laptops with different configurations on the market. This is where we at SNNDubai come into the picture. We can help you with some of the best laptops as per your requirement with the best Laptop price in UAE. We have created a list of the best laptops that you could buy based on your usage. We have divided this list into three categories: business, gaming, and consumer. Check out the categories and laptops that best suit you.

Best business laptops 

With Covid19 everywhere, businesses took an online turn. Therefore, business laptops became of great use. Here are some factors that you must consider before buying a business laptop.

3 Factors to look for when buying business laptops:


The laptop should have good ergonomics. The liftable screen would add good ergonomics. Moreover, the spacing between the buttons and how they are clicking would give you better results.

Size and weight

No one wants a heavy device. Get a laptop that is lightweight and sleek. This would not only help you carry it everywhere but also help you look better.

Operating system

Choose an operating system that everyone in your business uses. On multiple occasions, mails are to be imported, and importing emails from Apple to Microsoft is a hassle sometimes. So, choose the operating system wisely.



HP’s Elite and ProBook series are a great choice for your business. Both come with a good CPU of Intel Core i7 and with a RAM of 16 GB. The storage is an SSD with 512 GB of space. Get epic battery life in these laptops.


MacBook Pro is undoubtedly the best business laptop brand with its Apple M1 Pro and M1 integrated GPU. You get multiple storage options in this device. Moreover, it is a great way to enter Apple’s ecosystem.


Lenovo ThinkPad is one of the most successful business series. The laptop comes with an 11th Gen Intel Core i5/7 processor, with Iris Xe GPU backing it up. The laptop has a great leading keyboard and is lightweight. However, you won’t get a card slot in it.

Best gaming laptops

With the gaming industry booming every day, gaming laptops have created a separate fan base. Laptop gaming has garnered a separate industry, and gamers love the shape it is taking. Here are some factors that you must consider before buying a gaming laptop.

3 Factors to look for when buying gaming laptops:


The performance of your laptop will depend upon the GPU and CPU. The better your GPU and CPU are, the better would be the performance. Moreover, a laptop with Core-i7 and Core-i9 processors is considered to be the best. Moreover, get a GPU of Nvidia GeForce GTX or RTX series for a great experience, making it the best gaming laptop.


The display should be one of the major factors when considering your laptop. The laptop must have a good refresh rate and resolution. The color schemes of the game will alleviate the experience. Laptops with 240 Hz and 360 Hz refresh rates are highly recommended.


Your keyboard might be the first input device that you are using on your laptop. Get a laptop that has a good keyboard with good clicks. The keyboard must also have a good response rate. Moreover, having RGB lights on your keyboard would help you play games in the dark and look cool.



We recommend Asus ROG Zephyrus G15 for gaming. The laptop has a great 15-inch screen with a 165Hz of refresh rate. Moreover, it comes with a six-speaker array, which gives a great sound—a must-buy for gamers.


MSI GE76 RAIDER is a great laptop with flashy RGB lights. With 11th Gen chips and a QHD display, playing games on this beast would be a treat for gamers. Moreover, the laptop comes with a 1080p and 360 Hz display, taking your gaming experience one notch up.

Best consumer laptops

Getting a laptop to help you with your daily usage is a must. These laptops are “jack of all trades.” Therefore, you can use them for everything for a bit, be it for gaming, business, or just scrolling through social media. Here are some factors that you must consider before buying a consumer laptop.

3 Factors to look for when buying consumer laptops:


Get a laptop with a battery that is sufficient for your usage on a single charge. Small battery capacity will render you useless. A battery capacity of more than 5000 mAh is recommended.


RAM is directly proportional to the performance of your laptop. Get a laptop with around 8GB of RAM to ensure good performance.


You might be storing a lot of data on your laptop. Therefore, get a laptop with around 1 to 2 TB of HDD or 512 GB of SSD.



Acer Aspire and Swift Series are some of the best in the market with the 1920×1080 display. It is powered by AMD Ryzen 7 4700U and has a 512GB SSD. It is backed by 8GB RAM, making it a great purchase for consumers.


Microsoft Surface Pro 8 comes with Intel Iris Xe graphics and a large display of 13-inches. Moreover, there is 512 GB of storage. The sharp webcam present on the laptop will help you attend those meetings and make your presentation great.


HP Pavilion Series is one of the best for the consumer market. With 512 and 256 GB of storage options and 8GB of RAM, it is a great device. Moreover, the Bang and Olufsen speakers have great sound.


These were some of the best laptops from all three categories. These laptops will surely be a great buy for you. Moreover, with us at SNNDubai, you will get some extra discounts making the purchase quite easy in your pocket. We provide only genuine and original products to our clientele. So, give us a call and buy a Laptop in Dubai now.